**Super Exciting Sponsorship Opportunity**

Here at Equine Therapy International we are looking to support two chosen riders in their 2019 competitive campaigns!! Whether you are a weekend rider looking to improve your results, a reining enthusiast, an up and coming event rider, show jumper or dressage star, the application is open to all! We are offering two lucky people […]

How to keep your horse loose, supple and performing their best

New and improved Activo-Med blankets launched Activo-Med have been producing horse blankets for over 20 years and are the brand leaders in providing cutting edge horse and user friendly therapy equipment, making your horses feel and perform to the best of their ability. The equipment is used by a huge percentage of people all over […]

Activo-Med Contender

Brand new to the market, we are launching a new level of therapy blanket for users offering PEMF in a new ‘starter’ blanket or as a second blanket for those already using the Combi Pro. The Contender offers PEMF therapy to the main muscle groups of the horse from neck to tail. This brand new […]

Underwater Treadmills

The Activo-Med Equine Aqua Treadmill can be used to enhance suppleness, stride length, even muscle tone, core strength and overall wellbeing. They give the horse a highly effective full body workout; improving general fitness, joint flexion and respiration. Depending on water level, the buoyancy of the water reduces concussion and impact on the lower limbs, […]

Using the Activo-Med Blanket for Recovery and Prevention after Exercise

Not only can the Activo-Med Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage Blanket be used to improve flexibility, suppleness and therefore performance as a pre-exercise modality, it can also be used for post exercise recovery and rehabilitation. Every recovery session combines both the PEMF and Massage set at the appropriate therapeutic levels to aid recovery but also prevention. […]

What is PEMF?

If you own, ride, train horses or work in a barn there is a possibility you have come across equine massage therapy at some point. It could be you have seen a horse wearing a massage blanket, have enlisted the help of a trained therapist, or have even rented a system to see for yourself. […]

Importance of Warming-up

Speaking to Sarah Curtis a qualified equine and human massage therapist based in Britain has allows us to gain more knowledge of why the Activo-Med blanket can help when used as a pre-warm measure. Sarah tells us; “The importance of having an effective warm up and cool down procedure is often overlooked, however both are […]

Getting the most out of your warm-up with Activo-Med

Were you aware that you can use your Activo-Med blanket as part of your daily warm up routine? The blanket comes pre-set with 4 relaxing, circulation boosting, pre-warm up settings, with a sequence to suit every horse. The sequences begin with 15 minutes of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) which warms up the horse and […]