Getting the most out of your warm-up with Activo-Med

Were you aware that you can use your Activo-Med blanket as part of your daily warm up routine? The blanket comes pre-set with 4 relaxing, circulation boosting, pre-warm up settings, with a sequence to suit every horse. The sequences begin with 15 minutes of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) which warms up the horse and accelerates cellular activity. Following this, the treatment then flows into a combination of PEMF and cyclonic massage, which increases blood flow to the muscles, and loosens the horse up prior to work. The cyclonic massage rolls around the blanket in a set sequence to aid the stimulation of blood flow to the muscles.

Horses that are a little anxious prior to training or competition can have a treatment that runs a lower PEMF frequency. A lower frequency provides a more calming effect for the horse, along with the rolling massage.

The pre-warm up options are a favourite amongst Activo-Med riders, with Olympian client Carl Hester commenting on the noticeable ways in which it improves his warm up routines:

“We use the Activo-Med equipment for all types of dressage horses – young horses, old horses – and the reason we use it is really to help us have an edge on our horse’s warm ups and cool downs.”

“I use the rug on all the competition horses and find them to be noticeably softer and looser as a result.”

Interested in learning more about how the Activo-Med systems can enhance your horses training and warm up routine? Don’t hesitate to contact us now.


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