Christmas offers from Equine Therapy International

We’re feeling in the Christmas spirit here at Equine Therapy International HQ and want to share the feeling!

We have met so many people at our recent events, have had amazing feedback on the Activo-Med equipment that people have trialed and purchased so have decided to extend the fantastic deals right to the end of December.

Remember also our fantastic package deals.  We can also offer you a discount if you place an order for a package deal, for example, Activo-Med blanket with leg wraps or light therapy cluster or even the whole lot!

The Activo-Med blanket offers you Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage therapy across the whole horse from poll to tail including the shoulders and thigh. Running pre-programmed settings from the control box the equipment is easy to use and totally transportable as it runs off a re-chargeable battery.

The blanket is the perfect system to use pre and post exercise allowing improved quality of work and therefore muscle tone. It can help to improve flexibility, suppleness and overall condition plus recovery after work or injury and make older horses feel more youthful!

To make the most of this offer contact the office at (215) 305 8770 or email


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