Importance of Warming-up

Speaking to Sarah Curtis a qualified equine and human massage therapist based in Britain has allows us to gain more knowledge of why the Activo-Med blanket can help when used as a pre-warm measure.

Sarah tells us;

“The importance of having an effective warm up and cool down procedure is often overlooked, however both are a necessity in enabling the horse to use his muscles to maximum efficiency for both optimal performance and injury prevention.”

“By raising the tissue temperature and enhancing circulation the muscles will be suitably prepared for the start of exercise; muscle tone will be elastic allowing a greater range of movement and also help prevent acute injuries. Assisting the body to return to its original state by aiding the removal of waste products such as lactic acid will also prevent muscular pain and stiffness.”

Like many therapy professionals, Sarah promotes careful ongoing management of the muscles as a means of treating any minor tears, tweaks or areas of tightness before they develop into something more problematic; prevention is always better than cure. By using the Activo-Med blanket between treatments, we can ensure that horses have any minor issues addressed daily so they do not cause problems later.

It can be surprising to find out how long it can take for injuries to actually show up. Sarah explained;

“It can take 90 days for a small muscle injury to become apparent by which time it can become more serious or cause a different problem.”

The PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy) is a technology that helps with the regeneration and stimulation of cells to make them work more efficiently, hence why the Activo-Med blankets are so beneficial for rehabilitation and treating injuries, as well as an aid to help enhance performance.

About Sarah Curtis

Sarah Curtis is a qualified equine and human sports massage therapist based in the UK with a BSC Hons in Equine Science. Having produced her own event horse to Intermediate level, she has an excellent understanding of the effects of competition and training on the horse.


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