Underwater Treadmills

The Activo-Med Equine Aqua Treadmill can be used to enhance suppleness, stride length, even muscle tone, core strength and overall wellbeing.

They give the horse a highly effective full body workout; improving general fitness, joint flexion and respiration. Depending on water level, the buoyancy of the water reduces concussion and impact on the lower limbs, and encourages an increased range of motion. The high resistance of the water leads to increased muscle activity, and the water pressure helps to reduce swelling, stimulate circulation of the lower limbs and the cold water helps to reduce any pain present.

The height of the water can be adapted to the individual horse, starting off with short dry treadmill sessions for the inexperienced or rehab cases, working to longer sessions with water getting deeper with every session. The deeper water encourages a longer stride length, with a decreased stride frequency which results in increased back extension and flexion.

Our aqua treadmills can be made from marine grade steel, allowing salt to be added to the water to be used in the treatment of inflammation and injury. Salt water can accelerate healing and repair of a number of lower limb injuries ranging from tendon issues to more serious wounds.

Furthermore, an incline can now be added to our water treadmills, to incorporate hill work into the sessions. This work on an incline leads to an increased activity of main muscle groups, with studies showing significant differences in the mean EMG* intensity when working this way.


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