Activo-Med Contender

Brand new to the market, we are launching a new level of therapy blanket for users offering PEMF in a new ‘starter’ blanket or as a second blanket for those already using the Combi Pro.

The Contender offers PEMF therapy to the main muscle groups of the horse from neck to tail. This brand new system has been extensively trailed to workout the optimum places to situate the PEMF coils. It is a fantastic starter system for those who wish to use PEMF or as a second blanket for those who already love the benefits of the Combi Pro Blanket offers. The blanket can be used to aid in improved performance, prevention and rehabilitation, before or after exercise for suppleness and recovery.

Using the Contender PEMF blanket could not be easier – it runs off a battery and a micro control box allowing you to select your preferred time and frequency for each session. Not only does this blanket allow treatment to the horses body upgrades are available to allow you to run add-on modalities such as leg wraps and a wave light pulse and PEMF machine. Giving you great functionality from a single system.

For those that wish to trail the system we offer rental and rental prices are removed from the purchase price.

To learn more about this fantastic new blanket and be the first to pre order contact us at +1 (215) 305 8770 or


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