Upgrade your Activo-Med blanket to brand new lighter weight, fully mesh blanket with the latest PEMF technology

Prices from $1,558 depending on the age of your current blanket

The PEMF and massage blanket has a selection of pre-set programs for both pre-warm and post exercise. This allows you to choose the most appropriate session for your individual horses needs ensuring the most suitable frequencies and intensities are used so you get the best results. Simply select the session and let your horse enjoy his therapy whilst you carry on with your jobs.

How does PEMF aid recovery?

Did you know that you can upgrade your existing Activo-Med blanket, no matter it’s age, to the brand new latest model blanket giving you the best top of the range PEMF and massage blanket with a 2-year warranty.

The new blanket will still run all your add-on Activo-Med products such as leg wraps or you can choose to upgrade your add-ons as well to have a totally brand new kit!

So, if you own an Activo-Med blanket, take advantage of our amazing offer to existing users to receive a brand new blanket worth $6,250 new for as little as $1,558 depending on it’s age. You will immediately benefit from:

  • fully mesh blanket keeping your horse cooler on hot days
  • lighter weight blanket for ease of use
  • wider and deeper PEMF coverage from latest technology
  • 2-year warranty on any of our brand new equipment.

To find out more information about this call (215) 305 8776 or email info@equinetherapyint.com

Activo-Med have been making the blankets for over 20 years and are brand leaders in providing the latest cutting edge horse and user-friendly therapy equipment that makes your horse feel and perform to the best of his ability. The equipment is used by a huge percentage of people all over the World ranging from riders, trainers, vets and physios at the top of their game to amateurs. The reasons they say they have chosen Activo-Med include:

  • effectiveness and results
  • ability to run blanket, leg wraps and other equipment reducing investment
  • ease of use and maintenance
  • versatile and reliable
  • it is easy to carry in a soft sports type bag for use at home and shows
  • customer support.

To find out more information about this call (215) 305 8776 or email info@equinetherapyint.com


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