Demo’s at VOS

During the last week we have had a fantastic trip to World Equestrian Centre Wilmington OH to support one of our Sales Representatives KC Van Aarem while she was there working for David Beisel.

As part of our support to KC we offered free demonstrations and use of the Activo-Med blanket and leg wraps at the show to riders and trainers.  We met a great number of riders and trainers who all enjoyed learning more about how the products can help them and their horses.

Some of the people we were lucky enough to meet included:

Sara Ring and her horse Vos. Vos particularly loved the blanket. Sara said that she could really see how much the mare enjoyed having the therapy session with the blanket.

Rider Patty Stoval and her colleague Sarah Lane were really surprised at how easy the blanket is to use compared to others on the market, noting that it really is lightweight and the horse that received the demonstration did not mind having the blanket on, unlike other blankets.

We also got to meet trainer Hedi De Angelo along with a client of hers, McKenzie Evon. McKenzie had a fantastic show being placed 1st in the Low children’s/Adult Classic along with winning the Taylor Harris National Children’s Medal. All while using the Activo-Med Blanket, McKenzie swore that El Taxi (Pepe) felt more relaxed and happy after a session with the blanket and leg wraps.


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