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Getting the most out of your warm-up with Activo-Med

Were you aware that you can use your Activo-Med blanket as part of your daily warm up routine? The blanket comes pre-set with 4 relaxing, circulation boosting, pre-warm up settings, with a sequence to suit every horse. The sequences begin with 15 minutes of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) which warms up the horse and accelerates cellular activity. Following this, the treatment then flows into a combination of PEMF and cyclonic massage, which increases blood flow to the muscles, and loosens the horse up prior to work. The cyclonic massage rolls around the blanket in a set sequence to aid the stimulation of blood flow to the muscles.

Horses that are a little anxious prior to training or competition can have a treatment that runs a lower PEMF frequency. A lower frequency provides a more calming effect for the horse, along with the rolling massage.

The pre-warm up options are a favourite amongst Activo-Med riders, with Olympian client Carl Hester commenting on the noticeable ways in which it improves his warm up routines:

“We use the Activo-Med equipment for all types of dressage horses – young horses, old horses – and the reason we use it is really to help us have an edge on our horse’s warm ups and cool downs.”

“I use the rug on all the competition horses and find them to be noticeably softer and looser as a result.”

Interested in learning more about how the Activo-Med systems can enhance your horses training and warm up routine? Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

What is PEMF?

If you own, ride, train horses or work in a barn there is a possibility you have come across equine massage therapy at some point. It could be you have seen a horse wearing a massage blanket, have enlisted the help of a trained therapist, or have even rented a system to see for yourself. It is certainly a therapy that has risen in demand in the equine industry, with good reason – the benefits of massage have been well documented from its circulatory benefits to relaxation and therapeutic effects.

However Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) goes one step better than massage and when both are combined the results are vast. So, what exactly is PEMF therapy? And (most importantly!) how can it benefit our equine companions?

PEMF is a non-invasive treatment, which applies a magnetic field to the cells within the body by pulsating an electrical impulse at a pre-set (but variable) frequency and intensity. The impulse interacts with the ions present within specific cells, accelerating activity and expediting the flow of oxygen and nutrients. When applied to injuries, PEMF Therapy can assist in both kick starting and boosting the healing process at a cellular level, whilst simultaneously accelerating the disposal of toxins and waste products.

PEMF works to;

  • Reduce pain, inflammation and the stress on the body
  • Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, stress, blood pressure, nutrient uptake, cellular detoxification and regeneration
  • Balance the immune system
  • Accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue damage
  • Relax muscles.

The benefits of PEMF therapy are so well documented that the space administration NASA spent 4 years studying PEMF and developing its own PEMF therapy machines. During this time in 2009 NASA was awarded a patent for the use of PEMF to enhance tissue repair in mammals and to reverse the bone loss faced by astronauts when they are in a gravity free environment and away from earths magnetic field. They reported that PEMF was successful in the repair of damaged tissue, noting the following in their report:

“One may use this electrical potentiation for a number of purposes, including developing tissues for transplantation, repairing traumatized tissues, and moderating some neurodegenerative diseases and perhaps controlling the degeneration of tissue as might be effected in a bioelectric stasis field.”

For equestrians, PEMF therapy offers an ability to proactively ‘kick start’ the healing process, minimizing downtime due to injury or illness. When used as part of a cool down routine, PEMF can also assist in facilitating post-work recovery and reduce the soreness associated with muscle strain and lactic acid build up. The option on the Activo-Med system to vary the frequency at which it operates allows the PEMF to be modified to specifically target the area at which it’s needed most.

In short, PEMF can help your horse train at its best, compete to its fullest, and bounce back from injury or work as quickly as possible.

Activo-Med equine therapy systems are the first in the world to combine PEMF with cyclonic massage, allowing your horses to get the full benefits of both systems. To get your free demonstration or to learn more about the system call (215) 305 8770


Importance of Warming-up

Speaking to Sarah Curtis a qualified equine and human massage therapist based in Britain has allows us to gain more knowledge of why the Activo-Med blanket can help when used as a pre-warm measure.

Sarah tells us;

“The importance of having an effective warm up and cool down procedure is often overlooked, however both are a necessity in enabling the horse to use his muscles to maximum efficiency for both optimal performance and injury prevention.”

“By raising the tissue temperature and enhancing circulation the muscles will be suitably prepared for the start of exercise; muscle tone will be elastic allowing a greater range of movement and also help prevent acute injuries. Assisting the body to return to its original state by aiding the removal of waste products such as lactic acid will also prevent muscular pain and stiffness.”

Like many therapy professionals, Sarah promotes careful ongoing management of the muscles as a means of treating any minor tears, tweaks or areas of tightness before they develop into something more problematic; prevention is always better than cure. By using the Activo-Med blanket between treatments, we can ensure that horses have any minor issues addressed daily so they do not cause problems later.

It can be surprising to find out how long it can take for injuries to actually show up. Sarah explained;

“It can take 90 days for a small muscle injury to become apparent by which time it can become more serious or cause a different problem.”

The PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy) is a technology that helps with the regeneration and stimulation of cells to make them work more efficiently, hence why the Activo-Med blankets are so beneficial for rehabilitation and treating injuries, as well as an aid to help enhance performance.

About Sarah Curtis

Sarah Curtis is a qualified equine and human sports massage therapist based in the UK with a BSC Hons in Equine Science. Having produced her own event horse to Intermediate level, she has an excellent understanding of the effects of competition and training on the horse.


Demo’s at VOS

During the last week we have had a fantastic trip to World Equestrian Centre Wilmington OH to support one of our Sales Representatives KC Van Aarem while she was there working for David Beisel.

As part of our support to KC we offered free demonstrations and use of the Activo-Med blanket and leg wraps at the show to riders and trainers.  We met a great number of riders and trainers who all enjoyed learning more about how the products can help them and their horses.

Some of the people we were lucky enough to meet included:

Sara Ring and her horse Vos. Vos particularly loved the blanket. Sara said that she could really see how much the mare enjoyed having the therapy session with the blanket.

Rider Patty Stoval and her colleague Sarah Lane were really surprised at how easy the blanket is to use compared to others on the market, noting that it really is lightweight and the horse that received the demonstration did not mind having the blanket on, unlike other blankets.

We also got to meet trainer Hedi De Angelo along with a client of hers, McKenzie Evon. McKenzie had a fantastic show being placed 1st in the Low children’s/Adult Classic along with winning the Taylor Harris National Children’s Medal. All while using the Activo-Med Blanket, McKenzie swore that El Taxi (Pepe) felt more relaxed and happy after a session with the blanket and leg wraps.