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Massage, Pulsed Electromagnetic, Laser & Cold Therapy for Horses, Riders & Dogs


Being the little sister to the popular Activo-Med Combi Pro this new rug makes advanced physiotherapy technology available to a wider market with a lower price. The Activo-Med Sport is a traditional rug shape and this rug offers cyclonic massage therapy from the withers to the tail. Like the Combi Pro it has preset pre-warm up therapy programmes for use before riding plus preset programmes for use after exercise. It is also available with pulsed electromagnetic only components. The Magnetic Therapy Rug worth £189 can be used under the Massage Rug plus over night or for travelling.

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Cool+Press® Boots are revolutionary boots that administer controlled intermittent compression and cold-therapy treatments, particularly beneficial in the treatment of musculoskeletal strain, muscle pain and inflammation of tendons and joints, as well as recovery after strenuous exercise.

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Book – How Your Horse Moves by Gillian Higgins with Stephanie Martin

  • Gain insight into how your horse works.
  • Understand how bones and muscles work together to produce movement by seeing the musculoskeletal system painted on Freddie, Henry and friends.
  • Discover how correct riding and training can bring out the best in your horse – by seeing exactly what happens as he moves.
  • Learn how to increase fitness, strength and balance.
  • Practical exercises and stretches demonstrate how you can improve suppleness, reduce the risk of injury develop a deeper rapport with your horse.

Horses Inside Out – The DVD Part 1 Movement from an Anatomical Perspective

horsesinsideoutdvdThis DVD, an extension of the book ‘How Your Horse Moves’ see below) is a Unique Guide to Improving Performance. Using many anatomical paintings on live dressage, jumping, western and stunt horses, together with effective use of slow motion photography, it cleverly shows the skeletal and muscular systems in motion.

Combining her talent for art with a passion for anatomy and suitable for all riders, trainers, therapists and students, Gillian will give you a clear understanding of biomechanics which has a very positive impact on successful training. For anyone thirsty for knowledge and with the welfare and comfort of their horse in mind, this DVD is not to be missed.
£24.99 + INCLUDING POSTAGE (Free postage to UK addresses only.)

2nd Hand Products In Stock


We occasionally have 2nd hand pulsed electromagnetic field systems and massage systems. Please contact us if you are interested.

Activo-Med Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage Combi Rugs – selection of 2nd hand, 2-4 year old rugs for sale due to customers upgrading to our latest Rug – click here to view. All very good condition, serviced and in full working order. Treats from tail to the top of the neck and with mesh cover with Gortex top. Limited number of COMPLETELY MESH Combi Rugs available. 12-month warranty.

2nd Hand Pulsed ElectroMagnetic and Massage Rugs currently in stock: For Details and prices click here.

4 year old Combi Pro (without shoulder and thigh components) Excellent condition, new battery, 1 years warranty, free delivery.

4.5 year old Combi Pro (without shoulder and thigh components) Excellent condition, new battery, 1 years warranty, free delivery.

5 year old Combi Pro rug – small (suitable for up to 15.2hh). Excellent condition, 1 years warranty, free delivery. SOLD

3 year old front pulsed electromagnetic leg wraps. Excellent condition, 1 years warranty, new battery, free delivery.

1 year old laser cluster with control box, battery and charger. Excellent condition, 1 years warranty, new battery, free delivery.

We occasionally have the latest Combi Pro ex-demo rugs available. Please call for a price and more information.

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