Portable Compressor Cooler

Activo-Med Mounty Cool Press Legs

Portable Compressor Cooler

The application of cold and intermittent compression – and in certain cases the alternating application of cold and heat – is known to be the best way of treating swellings and pain.

The Cool+Press Boot is made of neoprene and has twin air bags on both the lower part and the upper part of the boot. Firstly air is pumped into the lower pads and then into the upper pads via hoses linked securely to the surcingle. This helps draws off and disperses upwards any excess fluid that has gathered in the leg. The amount of pressure exerted can be regulated in 3 intensities and each pressure phase is followed by a period of release.

Clinical studies have shown that post-traumatic and post-operative cooling therapies can be highly beneficial, especially when the cooling is accompanied by compression treatment and has proved to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of musculosketal strain, muscle pain, and inflammation of tendon injuries and joints. It is also an important element for recovery after strenuous exercise or competition.

Another important feature of the Cool+Press Boots is they can be used to perform treatments not only when the horse is standing still, but also when it is moving, either through being walked or grazed in hand or on the horse walker using just the compression element. The equipment is all attached to the horse via a surcingle making it totally transportable for use at home and at shows.

The boots come with gel inserts that can be used to cool or warm the legs as required. The boots can also be used on their own to massage the legs on the intermittent setting or on the continuous compression setting for support. The inserts are refrigerated for cold therapy and can be heated by microwave or hot water for warm therapy.


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