Pen System – Wave Light Pulse Cluster


Pen System – Wave Light Pulse Cluster

Wave-Light-Pulse (WLP) represents a quantum leap in direct local therapy; conventional laser technology in the shade. Price and performance are superior.


The Pulsed Electromagnetic and Light cluster is a powerful combination of 24 infrared and 24 red diodes together with in built Pulsed Electromagnetic spool.


It is fully adjustable by intensity and frequency and is based on the latest supralight LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology.


These clusters and pens run off same control boxes as the Activo-Med rugs and leg wraps.


Used on muscular, tendon and ligament injuries, bumps, bruises, oedemas, cuts, wounds and arthritis.


PLUS you get:


+ Control box

+ Battery

+ Charger


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