Combi Floor

Combi Floor = Vibration + Pulsed Electromagnetic + Weighbridge

For improved circulation, recovery, rehabilitation and general well-being.
Our Combi Floor is a state-of-the-art equine therapy floor which combines controlled vibration with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It can be used pre warm up and post exercise for recovery and rehabilitation. You can even use the floor whilst you carry out tasks like plaiting and clipping. The control box allows you to easily select an individual therapy or combination of therapies for your horse for the most suitable time, intensity and frequency. You also have the option of setting up special programmes for certain horses if needed. Comes with side railings. The floor dimensions are 7.2ft x 3.6ft x 7in high. It be placed in a pit so Combi Floor is level with the concrete, or on a strong level surface where the horses can easily step on and off. The Combi floor can be installed in an existing stable, cross-tie bay, stable yard, trailer or lorry. Available with optional weighing scales, ramps and solarium.