**Super Exciting Sponsorship Opportunity**

Here at Equine Therapy International we are looking to support two chosen riders in their 2019 competitive campaigns!!

Whether you are a weekend rider looking to improve your results, a reining enthusiast, an up and coming event rider, show jumper or dressage star, the application is open to all!

We are offering two lucky people full sponsorship for 12 months in the form of your very own Activo-Med Pulsed Electromagnetic Blanket (to learn more about the blankets and other Activo-Med products please visit Along with this you will receive branded clothing, a baseball cap and a discipline specific saddle pad, plus a discount on any additional equipment you may wish to purchase or hire.

All you need to do to apply is send us (in no more than 300 words) a little information about yourself and your horse(s); age, state you live in, what you do competitively with your horse(s) and your equestrian goals for next year. We would also like to know why you would like the use of an Activo-Med blanket and why you think you would be the ideal Equine Therapy International sponsored rider. Applications should be sent via email to by midnight on November 25th 2018. The shortlist will be announced after December 10th 2018. Those on the shortlist will be asked to provide a video entry of why you think you should win, which will be put to the vote to finalise our winners.

We look forward to receiving your applications!


Terms & Conditions

  1. – Entries to be sent to
  2. – Sponsorship only open to riders based in the United States. Entrants must be 16 years old or over. Employees of Equine Therapy International, agents and their families are not eligible to enter
  3. – No purchase necessary. Purchase does not enhance chance of winning
  4. – Void where prohibited
  5. – Only one entry per person
  6. – The prize: Use of an Activo-Med Pulsed Electromagnetic Blanket for 12 months (rug model to be decided by ETI) and branded clothing to include; body warmer, baseball cap, discipline specific saddlecloth
  7. – The winner’s name and state will be posted on Equine Therapy International’s website and social media pages. The winner agrees to participate in any reasonable publicity arranged by Equine Therapy International or its agents including the filming of their training, competitions and short interviews for videos and photos
  8. – The winners will be expected to keep Equine Therapy International up to date with their training, competition results and general relevant news during the sponsorship. This can be done via social media, email and/or in public blog posts
  9. – The winners will allow Equine Therapy International to publish and share all the information sent to them regarding updates with their training, competition results and relevant news
  10. – The prize is as stated and is non-transferable
  11. – First round entries will close at midnight on November 25th 2018. A short list will then be selected by the Equine Therapy International team based on suitability and usefulness of the prize
  12. – Riders on the short list will be asked to provide a short video clip and overview of why they think they should win. This will then be put to public voting and the two winners selected
  13. – Potential candidates will be contacted during December so please provide up to date contact details
  14. – It is the winner’s responsibility to provide ETI with the relevant details to ensure the prize is sent to the correct place. Items will be shipped via courier
  15. – The rugs will be warranted for the duration of the agreement. Repairs caused by accidental damage or misuse of the equipment whilst in the care of the sponsored rider will be charged at cost to the sponsored rider
  16. – If the recipient wishes to keep the Activo-Med blanket at the end of the 12 month sponsorship period a discounted price for purchase will be arranged
  17. – The sponsorship will begin once the items have been received. This will be within one month of the competition winners being announced
  18. – By entering the competition entrants agree to be bound by these terms & conditions and by the decisions of Equine Therapy International, which are final in all matters relating to the promotion. No correspondence will be entered into
  19. – Equine Therapy International will not be responsible for incomplete, illegible or lost entries. Proof of submission of entry is not proof of receipt of entry
  20. – Equine Therapy International reserves the right at it’s sole discretion to disqualify any person it finds to be tampering, or to have tampered with, the operation of the competition or to be acting in violation of these terms and conditions
  21. Promoter: Equine Therapy International, 217 West State Street, Kennett Square, PA 19348


How to keep your horse loose, supple and performing their best

New and improved Activo-Med blankets launched

Activo-Med have been producing horse blankets for over 20 years and are the brand leaders in providing cutting edge horse and user friendly therapy equipment, making your horses feel and perform to the best of their ability.

The equipment is used by a huge percentage of people all over the world ranging from amateur and professional riders, trainers, vets and physios. Many of our customers have owned a blanket for well over 10 years and part exchanged systems as the technology develops. Some of the reasons they have chosen Activo-Med include:

– effectiveness and results
– ability to run blanket, leg wraps and other add on equipment
– reliability, ease of use and maintenance
– versatile, breathable and now lightweight
– great customer support

  Combi Pro II Blanket

The Combi Pro II provides Pulsed Electromagnetic (PEMF) and massage therapy across the whole horse from poll to tail, including back, shoulder and thigh areas.

The blanket can help to:
– improve muscle tone and overall condition
– improve flexibility and suppleness
– relax sharp horses
– make older horses feel more youthful.

  Contender PEMF Blanket

This blanket covers the main muscle groups from neck to tail, and comes with all the benefits of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy that the Combi Pro II offers, but without the massage element.

It can be used for improved performance, prevention of injury and rehabilitation, before or after exercise for suppleness and recovery.

It is lightweight and easy to use, and as usual comes with a 2 year warranty. It is ideal as a second blanket or a starter blanket which can be upgraded to a Combi Pro II at a later stage.

Remember you can try before you buy with our excellent rental packages, where the rental is deducted from the purchase price if you decide to buy. Contact us today! 

Activo-Med Contender


Brand new to the market, we are launching a new level of therapy blanket for users offering PEMF in a new ‘starter’ blanket or as a second blanket for those already using the Combi Pro. 

The Contender offers PEMF therapy to the main muscle groups of the horse from neck to tail. This brand new system has been extensively trailed to workout the optimum places to situate the PEMF coils. It is a fantastic starter system for those who wish to use PEMF or as a second blanket for those who already love the benefits of the Combi Pro Blanket offers. The blanket can be used to aid in improved performance, prevention and rehabilitation, before or after exercise for suppleness and recovery.

Using the Contender PEMF blanket could not be easier – it runs off a battery and a micro control box allowing you to select your preferred time and frequency for each session. Not only does this blanket allow treatment to the horses body upgrades are available to allow you to run add-on modalities such as leg wraps and a wave light pulse and PEMF machine. Giving you great functionality from a single system.

For those that wish to trail the system we offer rental and rental prices are removed from the purchase price.

 To learn more about this fantastic new blanket and be the first to pre order contact us at +1 (215) 305 8770 or


Underwater Treadmills


The Activo-Med Equine Aqua Treadmill can be used to enhance suppleness, stride length, even muscle tone, core strength and overall wellbeing.

They give the horse a highly effective full body workout; improving general fitness, joint flexion and respiration. Depending on water level, the buoyancy of the water reduces concussion and impact on the lower limbs, and encourages an increased range of motion. The high resistance of the water leads to increased muscle activity, and the water pressure helps to reduce swelling, stimulate circulation of the lower limbs and the cold water helps to reduce any pain present.

The height of the water can be adapted to the individual horse, starting off with short dry treadmill sessions for the inexperienced or rehab cases, working to longer sessions with water getting deeper with every session. The deeper water encourages a longer stride length, with a decreased stride frequency which results in increased back extension and flexion.

Our aqua treadmills can be made from marine grade steel, allowing salt to be added to the water to be used in the treatment of inflammation and injury. Salt water can accelerate healing and repair of a number of lower limb injuries ranging from tendon issues to more serious wounds.

Furthermore, an incline can now be added to our water treadmills, to incorporate hill work into the sessions. This work on an incline leads to an increased activity of main muscle groups, with studies showing significant differences in the mean EMG* intensity when working this way.

Horse Water Treadmill

*Electromyography – measures motor unit activity during muscle action




Using the Activo-Med Blanket for Recovery and Prevention after Exercise

Not only can the Activo-Med Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage Blanket be used to improve flexibility, suppleness and therefore performance as a pre-exercise modality, it can also be used for post exercise recovery and rehabilitation. Every recovery session combines both the PEMF and Massage set at the appropriate therapeutic levels to aid recovery but also prevention.

The PEMF and massage blanket has a selection of pre-set programs for both pre-warm and post exercise. This allows you to choose the most appropriate session for your individual horses needs ensuring the most suitable frequencies and intensities are used so you get the best results. Simply select the session and let your horse enjoy his therapy whilst you carry on with your jobs.

How does PEMF aid recovery?

The body is made up of numerous cells, all of which need energy to function. Energy is dynamic and has a frequency, which changes all the time. All energy is electromagnetic by nature and all cells produce their own electromagnetic fields. This means that nothing in the body happens without an electromagnetic exchange (trillions of cells communicating via electromagnetic frequencies). Damaged cells will not have their correct electromagnetic field and their metabolic processes will be impaired.

This is where PEMF comes in

PEMF helps restore the cells electromagnetic fields and their metabolic processes. The PEMF uses the magnetic pulses it creates to induce tiny electrical signals that stimulate the cell to repair, up-regulating the cells naturally generated energy and allowing them to heal themselves.

The PEMF also has an effect on the cells membrane channels (these control what enters and leaves the cell). It opens up these channels allowing more nutrients into the cell and waste products out, helping to restore the cells optimum balance. If enough cells are restored then they will work more efficiently.

Cells of the same types come together to make tissues and these tissues come together to make organs. So by restoring or maintaining cell function, organ function will also be restored or maintained allowing the body to function better.

The massage in the blanket aids the recovery process by having a two-fold response;aids reduction of heart

– rate and breathing rate – relaxation

– increases lymphatic circulation.

Combining both the PEMF and Massage will aid a faster recovery post exercise for our horses, aiding them in their performance and their general wellbeing.

Would you like to feel the difference and learn more about the system and how it can help your horse both pre and post exercise? If so contact us today on (215) 305 8770 or email



Upgrade your Activo-Med blanket to brand new lighter weight, fully mesh blanket with the latest PEMF technology


Prices from $1,558 depending on the age of your current blanket

Did you know that you can upgrade your existing Activo-Med blanket, no matter it’s age, to the brand new latest model blanket giving you the best top of the range PEMF and massage blanket with a 2-year warranty.

The new blanket will still run all your add-on Activo-Med products such as leg wraps or you can choose to upgrade your add-ons as well to have a totally brand new kit!

So, if you own an Activo-Med blanket, take advantage of our amazing offer to existing users to receive a brand new blanket worth $6,250 new for as little as $1,558 depending on it’s age. You will immediately benefit from:

– fully mesh blanket keeping your horse cooler on hot days

– lighter weight blanket for ease of use

– wider and deeper PEMF coverage from latest technology

– 2-year warranty on any of our brand new equipment.

To find out more information about this call (215) 305 8776 or email


Activo-Med have been making the blankets for over 20 years and are brand leaders in providing the latest cutting edge horse and user-friendly therapy equipment that makes your horse feel and perform to the best of his ability. The equipment is used by a huge percentage of people all over the World ranging from riders, trainers, vets and physios at the top of their game to amateurs. The reasons they say they have chosen Activo-Med include:

– effectiveness and results

– ability to run blanket, leg wraps and other equipment reducing investment

– ease of use and maintenance

– versatile and reliable

– it is easy to carry in a soft sports type bag for use at home and shows

– customer support.

To find out more information about this call (215) 305 8776 or email


Getting the most out of your warm-up with Activo-Med

Were you aware that you can use your Activo-Med blanket as part of your daily warm up routine? The blanket comes pre-set with 4 relaxing, circulation boosting, pre-warm up settings, with a sequence to suit every horse. The sequences begin with 15 minutes of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) which warms up the horse and accelerates cellular activity. Following this, the treatment then flows into a combination of PEMF and cyclonic massage, which increases blood flow to the muscles, and loosens the horse up prior to work. The cyclonic massage rolls around the blanket in a set sequence to aid the stimulation of blood flow to the muscles.

Horses that are a little anxious prior to training or competition can have a treatment that runs a lower PEMF frequency. A lower frequency provides a more calming effect for the horse, along with the rolling massage.

The pre-warm up options are a favourite amongst Activo-Med riders, with Olympian client Carl Hester commenting on the noticeable ways in which it improves his warm up routines:

“We use the Activo-Med equipment for all types of dressage horses – young horses, old horses – and the reason we use it is really to help us have an edge on our horse’s warm ups and cool downs.”

“I use the rug on all the competition horses and find them to be noticeably softer and looser as a result.”

Interested in learning more about how the Activo-Med systems can enhance your horses training and warm up routine? Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

What is PEMF?

If you own, ride, train horses or work in a barn there is a possibility you have come across equine massage therapy at some point. It could be you have seen a horse wearing a massage blanket, have enlisted the help of a trained therapist, or have even rented a system to see for yourself. It is certainly a therapy that has risen in demand in the equine industry, with good reason – the benefits of massage have been well documented from its circulatory benefits to relaxation and therapeutic effects.

However Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) goes one step better than massage and when both are combined the results are vast. So, what exactly is PEMF therapy? And (most importantly!) how can it benefit our equine companions?

PEMF is a non-invasive treatment, which applies a magnetic field to the cells within the body by pulsating an electrical impulse at a pre-set (but variable) frequency and intensity. The impulse interacts with the ions present within specific cells, accelerating activity and expediting the flow of oxygen and nutrients. When applied to injuries, PEMF Therapy can assist in both kick starting and boosting the healing process at a cellular level, whilst simultaneously accelerating the disposal of toxins and waste products.

PEMF works to;

  • Reduce pain, inflammation and the stress on the body
  • Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, stress, blood pressure, nutrient uptake, cellular detoxification and regeneration
  • Balance the immune system
  • Accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue damage
  • Relax muscles.

The benefits of PEMF therapy are so well documented that the space administration NASA spent 4 years studying PEMF and developing its own PEMF therapy machines. During this time in 2009 NASA was awarded a patent for the use of PEMF to enhance tissue repair in mammals and to reverse the bone loss faced by astronauts when they are in a gravity free environment and away from earths magnetic field. They reported that PEMF was successful in the repair of damaged tissue, noting the following in their report:

“One may use this electrical potentiation for a number of purposes, including developing tissues for transplantation, repairing traumatized tissues, and moderating some neurodegenerative diseases and perhaps controlling the degeneration of tissue as might be effected in a bioelectric stasis field.”

For equestrians, PEMF therapy offers an ability to proactively ‘kick start’ the healing process, minimizing downtime due to injury or illness. When used as part of a cool down routine, PEMF can also assist in facilitating post-work recovery and reduce the soreness associated with muscle strain and lactic acid build up. The option on the Activo-Med system to vary the frequency at which it operates allows the PEMF to be modified to specifically target the area at which it’s needed most.

In short, PEMF can help your horse train at its best, compete to its fullest, and bounce back from injury or work as quickly as possible.

Activo-Med equine therapy systems are the first in the world to combine PEMF with cyclonic massage, allowing your horses to get the full benefits of both systems. To get your free demonstration or to learn more about the system call (215) 305 8770


Importance of Warming-up

Speaking to Sarah Curtis a qualified equine and human massage therapist based in Britain has allows us to gain more knowledge of why the Activo-Med blanket can help when used as a pre-warm measure.

Sarah tells us;

“The importance of having an effective warm up and cool down procedure is often overlooked, however both are a necessity in enabling the horse to use his muscles to maximum efficiency for both optimal performance and injury prevention.”

“By raising the tissue temperature and enhancing circulation the muscles will be suitably prepared for the start of exercise; muscle tone will be elastic allowing a greater range of movement and also help prevent acute injuries. Assisting the body to return to its original state by aiding the removal of waste products such as lactic acid will also prevent muscular pain and stiffness.”

Like many therapy professionals, Sarah promotes careful ongoing management of the muscles as a means of treating any minor tears, tweaks or areas of tightness before they develop into something more problematic; prevention is always better than cure. By using the Activo-Med blanket between treatments, we can ensure that horses have any minor issues addressed daily so they do not cause problems later.

It can be surprising to find out how long it can take for injuries to actually show up. Sarah explained;

“It can take 90 days for a small muscle injury to become apparent by which time it can become more serious or cause a different problem.”

The PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy) is a technology that helps with the regeneration and stimulation of cells to make them work more efficiently, hence why the Activo-Med blankets are so beneficial for rehabilitation and treating injuries, as well as an aid to help enhance performance.

About Sarah Curtis

Sarah Curtis is a qualified equine and human sports massage therapist based in the UK with a BSC Hons in Equine Science. Having produced her own event horse to Intermediate level, she has an excellent understanding of the effects of competition and training on the horse.


Demo’s at VOS

During the last week we have had a fantastic trip to World Equestrian Centre Wilmington OH to support one of our Sales Representatives KC Van Aarem while she was there working for David Beisel.

As part of our support to KC we offered free demonstrations and use of the Activo-Med blanket and leg wraps at the show to riders and trainers.  We met a great number of riders and trainers who all enjoyed learning more about how the products can help them and their horses.

Some of the people we were lucky enough to meet included:

Sara Ring and her horse Vos. Vos particularly loved the blanket. Sara said that she could really see how much the mare enjoyed having the therapy session with the blanket.

Rider Patty Stoval and her colleague Sarah Lane were really surprised at how easy the blanket is to use compared to others on the market, noting that it really is lightweight and the horse that received the demonstration did not mind having the blanket on, unlike other blankets.

We also got to meet trainer Hedi De Angelo along with a client of hers, McKenzie Evon. McKenzie had a fantastic show being placed 1st in the Low children’s/Adult Classic along with winning the Taylor Harris National Children’s Medal. All while using the Activo-Med Blanket, McKenzie swore that El Taxi (Pepe) felt more relaxed and happy after a session with the blanket and leg wraps.

Christmas offers from Equine Therapy International

We’re feeling in the Christmas spirit here at Equine Therapy International HQ and want to share the feeling!

We have met so many people at our recent events, have had amazing feedback on the Activo-Med equipment that people have trialed and purchased so have decided to extend the fantastic deals right to the end of December.

Remember also our fantastic package deals.  We can also offer you a discount if you place an order for a package deal, for example, Activo-Med blanket with leg wraps or light therapy cluster or even the whole lot!

The Activo-Med blanket offers you Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage therapy across the whole horse from poll to tail including the shoulders and thigh. Running pre-programmed settings from the control box the equipment is easy to use and totally transportable as it runs off a re-chargeable battery.

The blanket is the perfect system to use pre and post exercise allowing improved quality of work and therefore muscle tone. It can help to improve flexibility, suppleness and overall condition plus recovery after work or injury and make older horses feel more youthful!

To make the most of this offer contact the office at (215) 305 8770 or email

Equine Therapy International is looking for agents!

Equine Therapy International LLC is currently looking for Independent Sales Agents. We sell leading horse therapy equipment, including multi-therapy blankets, leg wraps and light therapy systems that already have many top-level riders and equine professionals worldwide using the equipment.

We are looking for people who:

  • are self employed, with proven sales experience and established links within the equestrian industry;
  • are willing to attend high-level shows and events, manning a trade stand;
  • are enthusiastic, self-motivated, knowledgeable and a have a deep love of horses;
  • possess a drive and commitment to further develop brand awareness.

What we offer:

  • a job in which you can work your own hours doing something you enjoy
  • a growing line of products with fantastic sales potential
  • experience working with the leading market products globally
  • full training packages on all of the products

Contact us:

To discuss this further please send your contact details and a brief summary of your experience, current employment situation and why you think this could be the role for you to: