Activo-Med Equine Spa

Activo-Med Equine Spa

Horse Spa systems to exercise & help with rehabilitation

The horse spa is an amazing product for rehabilitation & performance, to help the horse achieve his full recovery potential. The Spa can be used for tendon and ligament injuries, inflammation, soft tissue damage, hoof related problems, arthritis, laminitis, concussion, wound healing, maintenance, to support recovery post competition, to help prevent injury and more.

Activo-Med Horse Spa
Activo-Med Equine Water Spa

The cold therapy provided by the spa helps to reduce the risk of injury after exercise but also brings rapid relief from pain, bruising, swelling and recent tissue damage as it decreases blood flow to reduce inflammation. Adding the salt water element provided by the spa helps to reduce swelling further plus can help the natural healing of wounds.

The Spa’s dimensions allow for the comfort of all size of horse. The container is made using sea water resistant stainless steel for long life and the front and rear doors have a single hand operation method like the water treadmill for ease of use. It has a highly efficient filtration system to keep the water clean. The system can run from a 230v or 400v supply.

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