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How to keep your horse loose, supple and performing their best

New and improved Activo-Med blankets launched

Activo-Med have been producing horse blankets for over 20 years and are the brand leaders in providing cutting edge horse and user friendly therapy equipment, making your horses feel and perform to the best of their ability.

The equipment is used by a huge percentage of people all over the world ranging from amateur and professional riders, trainers, vets and physios. Many of our customers have owned a blanket for well over 10 years and part exchanged systems as the technology develops. Some of the reasons they have chosen Activo-Med include:

– effectiveness and results
– ability to run blanket, leg wraps and other add on equipment
– reliability, ease of use and maintenance
– versatile, breathable and now lightweight
– great customer support

  Combi Pro II Blanket

The Combi Pro II provides Pulsed Electromagnetic (PEMF) and massage therapy across the whole horse from poll to tail, including back, shoulder and thigh areas.

The blanket can help to:
– improve muscle tone and overall condition
– improve flexibility and suppleness
– relax sharp horses
– make older horses feel more youthful.

  Contender PEMF Blanket

This blanket covers the main muscle groups from neck to tail, and comes with all the benefits of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy that the Combi Pro II offers, but without the massage element.

It can be used for improved performance, prevention of injury and rehabilitation, before or after exercise for suppleness and recovery.

It is lightweight and easy to use, and as usual comes with a 2 year warranty. It is ideal as a second blanket or a starter blanket which can be upgraded to a Combi Pro II at a later stage.

Remember you can try before you buy with our excellent rental packages, where the rental is deducted from the purchase price if you decide to buy. Contact us today!