Activo-Med Pecdominal Pad

PecDominal Pad

Activo-Med Pecdominal Pad

The Peccominal Pad from Activo-Med is the only system on the market that provides both pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and massage to the pectoral and abdominal muscles.

The easy to use product fits around the chest and girth area and can be used on its own or with a Combi Pro or Sport rug at the same time. As with other Activo-Med products, it comes with a control box that has preset programmes that apply a combination of PEMF and massage therapy to suit the horse’s needs.

[porto_testimonial name=”Fred and Rowena Cook” role=”Equine Management and Training”]The PecDominal Pad is another excellent piece of kit from the ETI Activo-med stable. The PEMF and massage combination makes it the perfect pre-exercise warm-up and cool-down tool for horses that are prone to tightness in the shoulder and/or chest areas and for helping target-treat muscle injuries and bruising incurred through falls or hitting fences.

We have also found it very useful for horses that have had gastric ulcers but still present sensitivity when girthed. As with all Equine Therapy International products, there is the flexibility of a range of settings to suit the individual and as all their products run off of a standard control box we can use leg wraps or boots at the same time. The PecDominal Pad is another valuable addition to our tackroom.[/porto_testimonial]